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Trawün is a group of Chileans residing in Switzerland, created in Zürich in November 2019 as a reaction to the social outbreak of October 18 of the same year that occurred in Chile.

Trawün means Meeting in the Mapudungun language. This name represents the spirit of encounter and commitment of those who believe that great social problems are solved through teamwork.

Trawün is a movement that aims to articulate and respond to the diverse needs of Chileans living in Switzerland, in order to contribute to the development of a more just, equal, supportive and democratic society.


Trawün disseminates relevant information about the events in Chile, is a bridge of exchange between Chileans living in Switzerland and the world, contributes to the strengthening of the social movement, organizes material and financial aid for the strengthening of grassroots organizations in Chile.

Trawün members, collaborators and subscribers come together and exchange on a basis of respect for the diversity of opinions. Its members also promote a multicultural, cosmopolitan, modern and progressive Switzerland and Chile.


Trawün is an active movement on social media. It has nuclei of collaborators in various cities in Switzerland and abroad, and is mobilized in the face of socio-political and cultural processes of national and international relevance.


Trawün looks confident and optimistic towards the future. It takes part, along with other social actors, in its design and transformation. It tries to create new forms of coexistence and seeks to break old models of thought and organization of society.


Trawün is financed through donations, events and campaigns carried out by its members and collaborators.


If you want to participate with us, join our projects by requesting membership, or as a campaign partner or simply by depositing a donation in our account.


Get informed with Trawün

Find out about all of Trawün's specific projects and actions by subscribing to our community and reading the news in the Blog section and on our social networks

Share the reality of Chile from a human perspective

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